In parallel, I developed my activity as a sound technician, whether it be live, in the studio, carrying out jobs involving music production, recording, mixing and sound post production. At present, I am also a performer / improviser / composer in the field of experimental, contemporary and electro-acoustic music, as well as in several popular music projects where I incorporate elements of the aforementioned currents.

Since 2006 I work actively on the difussion of experimental music and free improvisation, organizing different music cicles in Argentina and Europe. Nowadays I direct the european branch of Niņos Consentidos.

In 2012, I started a new exploration in the fields of multimedia & interactive art, and I funded in Austria the project Circus Lumineszenz.
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I began my musical studies at the 'Musical Composition with Electro-acoustic Media' course at Quilmes National University. During this time I became involved with audiovisual media mainly through the theatre and then working on different multimedia projects, such as shorts, installations, dance, advertising, etc.